Indoor Air Quality Consultants

One way to know that you have an indoor air quality problem is to conduct an IAQ Investigation of your property. Air quality testing by a Testing Laboratory may be utilized by the IAQ consultant to confirm or help investigate the IAQ problem you are experiencing.

Many times problems with indoor air quality require air quality sampling by qualified IAQ consultants. In many states these IAQ consultants and their services are not regulated, so it is always important for buyers to known the qualifications and experience of any indoor air quality consultants or environmental remediation firms they hire. Along with Testing Labs, Remediation Firms and Duct Cleaners, they will provide suggestions on fixing your Indoor Air Quality problem. We proudly offer residential and commercial indoor air quality consulting services.

There are many IAQ Professionals providing Air Quality Testing services that can help you determine if you’re suffering the ill effects of poor Indoor Air Quality. Remediation Firms and Duct Cleaning firms may need to be utilized to correct the situation after the IAQ Professional had interpreted the data received back from the Testing Lab.

Home air testing is becoming increasingly more popular and reliable, thanks to a number of reliable and professionally-made air quality testing kits such as the ERMI mold test kit and Radon Test Kits that are available for homeowners and business owners.

Disclaimer: EMSL Analytical, Inc. does not guarantee the qualifications of any indoor air quality consultants. Consumers should ask for the company’s qualifications, accreditations and references when determining what company can best provide for their needs.